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Details of Application - CONS/15/0611
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Application Number:CONS/15/0611
Application Type:Fell and Prune Trees
Registration (Validation) Date:26 / 06 / 2015
Decision to be issued by:07 / 08 / 2015
Description:Fell 1 Cypress tree. Reduce heights of hedgerow Elms
Case Officer:Nik Gruber
Applicant:Mrs P Downard
Three Minsters House
76 High Street
SO23 8UL
NeighboursReceived: 0
and Representatives:In Favour: 0
Click here for a listAgainst: 0
Petitions: 0
Committee Meeting Date: No date
Decision Level:
Date Decision Made:28 / 07 / 2015
Decision:Raise No Objections
Conditions or Reasons:The removal of the Cypress and reduction of the Elm saplings will not have a detrimental impact on public amenity and the Authority could not justifiably sustain further protection of the tree by Tree Preservation Order.
Decision:Various Elm saplings to be reduced to hedge height, and Cypress tree to be felled to ground level as shown on application plan.
Appeal Received Date:This case has no appeals against it

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